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We provide fre SEO website grades. Our software reviews 30 different SEO traits in order to help you build a better website. SEO building is vital and is an important aspect of every SEO plan. Use SEO Builder as part of your free strategy. Easily compair your site VS your competitor and gain valuabe insight on how their traffic is obtained.

Learn valuable tricks and tips to increase your website traffic and sales.

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With 20 years experience building websites, SEO BUILDER provides a vast array of knowledge in the development of many different online code based systems. We design with HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP , Drupal and Bootstrap.

Whether you're a recent graduate student looking to showcase your work, a professional looking to attract clients, or a graphic artist looking to share your projects, we provide the knowledge and know-how to showcase your work to make it cool!

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SEO Builder Green Work Experience

Green Work Experience

Built with Drupal, this website has a SEO buildout that focuses on environmental design and construction. Since 2009 SEO Builder has provided technical support and Drupal development.

Drupal 7, Over 7 thousand individual pages, Geo Location, Geo Mapping, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5.

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SEO Builder Green Exam

Green Exam

Built with Drupal, Green Exam has a steady SEO design that is exam related. Built as an addition to green work experience and provides similar material.

Drupal 7, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5

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SEO Builder Backlink Maker

Backlink Maker

Built with Drupal, Backlink maker explains the benefits of backlinks and keyword use. Backlinks are important to every website but having keyword use raises the value and importance of the link to your website. A free information website built with Drupal and SEO best practices.

Drupal 7, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5

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 SEO Builder Online Script

Built using a PHP script provided by themeforest and tested by SEO Builder. Continuous updates are being done to ensure accurate testing of websites. This is provided as a free service.

HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5

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SEO Builder Resume Design

Online Resume

We build online resumes that provide an interesting way to obtain accurate information on a candidate for a certain position. SEO built around the candidate’s name and professional achievements.

HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5

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SEO Builder Construction Certification

Construction Certifications

SEO built and designed around a easy design that the needed information on a quick basis.

HTML5, Bootstrap, PHP and HTML5

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